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GameSpy Master Server Shutdown

2014-07-15 - Poster: - Category: General news    (0)

You will have noticed GameSpy have shut down the Master Server causing the ingame browser to no longer function, this tool made by own3mall will allow you you to browse the server list again :)

Moh Reborn Server Query Tool

Moh Exe Files
OR you can replace your Moh files with the 3 in this zip file ...

For further updates do check XNull Development ...

The Moh Source - The Final Push
The following form details are being collected and then presented with a covering written statement and detailed examples of you - "The MoH Community" of what is currently the existing MOHAA online scene.

It will be sent to EA to support the following -:

We, the MOHAA community make our plea to EA to support the release of any source code to the limited trusted parties "X-Null Development" so the game can be supported and developed further by the community of limited trusted parties , it would also be a good gesture from EA to release the MOHAA/MOHSH/MOHBT game series for free download as it has with other legacy games to ensure continued growth and support of the game.

The following communties and players are active supporters for this game which cover all aspects from players, mappers, modders, developers and clans...

Direct form link

Please send this link to everyone you know in Moh :)